Beirut Peacekeepers Memorial Tower Lower renderThe Beirut Peacekeeper's Memorial Tower concept sprang from an event at the 30th Anniversary of the Beirut Bombing in Jacksonville, NC. With the sun shining brightly over Liversedge Field at Camp Lejeune on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, a Beirut Veteran from Battalion (BLT) 2/6 walked down the middle of the football field filled with fellow veterans and families of those who fell in Beirut. He had just heard the name of a Marine he met in May of 1983 during the transfer between BLT 2/6 and BLT 1/8.  

As he walked up behind the family member who had called out the name, he tapped the shoulder to ask if he was the brother of the fallen Marine. The result of that tap and the stories shared afterwards are the inspiration behind this tower. A connection between a veteran and family member who shared a common thread in events that represents so much more than a shared connection.


The tower design was created by Karl Bernhard with the Sweet Sparkman Architects located in Sarasota, FL. The design and development for this project has been funded by the William R. Gaines Jr. Veterans Memorial Fund

Karl was captivated by this project partly due to his middle eastern heritage and learning about the story behind the events before and after October 23, 1983. Learning about the sacrifice and role the Beirut Peacekeepers played in risking their lives for others inspired him to try and capture these events in architectual form. 

For those who know the story, the structure needs little interpretation. For those who do not know the story, it captivates their attention and helps tell a story of sacrifice and stability represented by our Veterans and First Responders.


The status of the building the tower is currently in its final phases of obtaining permits and is scheduled to begin construction and be completed by the end of 2023. The tower will be located at the William R. Gaines Jr. Veterans Memorial Park in Port Charlotte, FL.  More information about the park can be found at https://wrgainesjr.org/about-the-park.