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June 6 1982 - Operation Peace for Galilee began when over 75,000 Israeli soldiers pushed over 35,000 PLO forces out of Israel and into Beirut, Lebanon. There had been over 250 attacks by the PLO in Israel since the beginning of 1982.

Operation Peace for Galilee

June 24 1982 - Due to the tension and unrest in Beirut where a civil war between Christians and Muslims had just recently ended, the 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit (MAU) with Battalion (BLT) 2/8 deployed into Lebanon to evacuate 580 Americans out of Beirut.

Aug 25 to Sept 10 1982 - At the request of the Lebanese government, a Multi-national force from France, Italy, and America including 800 Marines from the 32nd MAU assist in evacuating PLO troops out of Beirut. The PLO led by Yasser Arafat and his forces were transported by French ships out Beirut and taken to Greece without incident.