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Sept 14 1982 - President-elect Bashir Gemayel is killed with 26 others in a bomb attack at the Phalange Kataeb headquarters building in Beirut while planning his new government.

Sept 17 1982 - Just days after the Gemayel assassination, Phalange Militia attack two Palestinian refugee camps (Sabra and Shatila) looking for PLO militia possibly hiding in the camps. This was seen as retribution for the Bashir’s murder. There were reports of up to 2,000 women and children killed during the attack. This incident led to international concerns of reigniting the civil war in Lebanon.

Sept 29 1982 - With heightened tension in the region, President Ronald Reagan redeployed the 32nd MAU and BLT 2/8 along with Multi-National forces (MNF) from England, France, and Italy to provide peace and stability for the people in Beirut.