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Sept 30 1982 - As the Marines prepare to come ashore Corporal David Regan became the first US MNF Marine to die while conducting an ordnance and disposal operation to clear the airfield at the Beirut Airport. Three other Marine engineers were wounded when a bomblet exploded.

Oct 30 1982 - The 24th MAU with BLT 3/8 relieves the 32nd MAU and BLT 2/8. Under command of Col. Thomas Stokes the Marines began to establish their presence at the Beirut Airport and setup MAU and BLT Headquarters in a series of buildings inside the airport perimeter.

Nov 1 1982 to Feb 14 1983 - Marines and Multi-national forces begin conducting patrols throughout Beirut and its surrounding suburbs while also training the Lebanese Armed Forces to provide stability and protection in the region. Their presence was greeted with much appreciation by the local residents who felt safer with the MNF there.