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Feb 2 1983 - Three Israeli tanks near the University (Spyglass 1) position tried to break through a checkpoint to conduct their own patrols. These tanks were stopped by a Marine Captain who drew his .45 caliber pistol and told them to turn back, which they did. This incident was seen and reported on by radio stations throughout the city, which was viewed with positive reactions by some Muslim factions.

Feb 20-24 1983 - Acting as First Responders, the 22nd MAU provides emergency support to citizens in the mountains near Beirut during a heavy winter snowstorm, clearing roads and taking supplies to rural areas in need.

April 18 1983 - In an attempt to push the US out Beirut, the US Embassy in downtown Beirut was partially destroyed by a terrorist car bomb parked just outside the building. There were 7 CIA operatives killed along with 4 Army Soldiers and 1 Marine who was on post when the attack occurred.