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Panel 6

Oct 14 1983 - While returning to the airport after responding to a call from the Lebanese Armed Forces about an unexploded ordnance in a nearby neighborhood, EOD specialist SSG Alan Soifert was killed by sniper fire.

Oct 16 1983 - Captain Michael Ohler was killed by a sniper while calling in air support from the Spyglass 1 position at the top of the University position.

Oct 23 1983 - At 0622 a truck carrying 12,000 pounds of high explosives drove into the Marines headquarters and detonated. The FBI report stated this was the largest non-nuclear blast ever detonated. The blast created an oblong crater measuring 39’ x 29’ and 8’8” deep. It reduced the 3 story building to a one story pile of ruble. There were 241 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers killed and 79 injured in the blast. Just 10 minutes later another attack at the French contingent headquarters killed 58 French paratroopers with only 15 survivors.